Depending on the damage to your property, you may be rebuilding or doing work on your home. There are several helpful guides available to pick the right contractors and protecting yourself from scams and making changes to the area around your home.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies normally provide toll-free telephone number for policyholders.


Repairing Your Flooded Home

Important information, guidance, instruction and how to go about repairing your flooded home as provided by FEMA and the American Red Cross for survivors and victims of the Colorado and other floods. 


What to Know Before Signing a Contract

Important information and guidance about public adjusters and contractors full of valuable information to know before signing a contract.


Finding the Right Contractor

Video with quick tips on how to find the right contractor for survivors and victims of the Colorado floods. 


Don't Get Scammed

Important information for survivors and victims of the Colorado floods on how to avoid scams and unscrupulous cons following the floods. 


Free Electrical and Plumbing Damage Assessment

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) can help consumers avoid fraudulent contractors by providing a free damage assessment. Property owners who have suffered flood damage can request a no-cost damage assessment performed by a state or county inspector to determine the next steps related to the electrical, plumbing and gas systems in a damaged property.

Simply call or email the State inspector in the area to schedule an appointment (see the link below). If the inspector is unavailable, call DORA at 303-894-2980.


Home Improvement Guide

A consumer’s guide to home improvement contracts. Also applicable to survivors and victims of the Colorado floods in need of home repairs and restoration. 


Private Access Reconstruction Guide

PDF download with information regarding private access for residents to Highway 72, which was damaged by the Colorado floods, during reconstruction of the highway.