Resiliency Playbook.png

Resilient communities are able to adapt and thrive no matter what disruptions they face. Colorado municipalities and counties were surveyed in April 2019 to help the CRO build a Resilience and Community Recovery Program poised to support communities in addressing their vulnerabilities and risks.

The goals of the survey were to help the CRO identify:

  • The resilience-related needs of Colorado's governments;

  • Resources the CRO can provide to these entities in resilience planning; and

  • The most useful programs the CRO can provide to communities across Colorado.

The CRO is piloting workshops and developing resources for communities to build resilience based on survey feedback.

The links below provide access the survey report and its accompanying two-page summary.

  1. Resilience Planning in Colorado’s Local Governments: A Baseline Planning Survey

  2. Two-page Survey Summary Report

For any questions about the survey, contact the CRO’s Local Resiliency Program Manager, Kate Guibert.