Colorado's Resiliency Story


Coloradans are no strangers to significant disruptions. In recent years, wildfires and floods have impacted communities throughout the state. The 2012 and 2013 wildfires and floods alone caused more than $5 billion in damages, more than 3000 homes destroyed, and—tragically—17 lives lost. 

We are, however, not defined by our losses, but rather by our collective strength and determination to recover and build back stronger in the face of known and unknown threats. By becoming more resilient today, Coloradans are not just prepared to survive another major event, but are poised to adapt to changing social, economic, and climate conditions in order to keep their community safe, healthy, and vibrant.

Through our interactive story map, you can explore Colorado's resiliency story in a multi-part series that examines the challenges we face in our path towards a more resilient future, what the State and communities across Colorado are doing to tackle these challenges head on, and what resources are available for communities to act on their resiliency today.

Visit the first chapter in our resiliency story to explore the challenges we face as a state in our path to a more resilient future.