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Resilient Colorado Communities Workshops

In order to support communities in confronting their vulnerabilities, the Colorado Resiliency Office is offering action-oriented workshops. The Resilient Colorado Communities Workshops will consist of two phases. Communities will have the option to participate in one or both phases depending on their interests. Taking a systems level approach to challenges, the workshops will target a diverse set of audiences across communities such as business owners, government staff, elected officials, community groups, and local nonprofits.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Resilience (2 hours)

The first workshop is an introduction to resilience and consists of a series of activities for communities to develop a vision for a resilient future and identify and prioritize shocks and stresses.

Workshop 2: Solutions accelerator (1 Day)

The second workshop will enable communities to accelerate solutions to a priority challenge through an assessment of the current state of the challenge and building a roadmap forward with a cross sector project team.

Resiliency Framework Planning Workshop
A resiliency framework provides a community or a region with a path to address the shocks and stresses they face, empowering action to reduce vulnerability, improve adaptability, and build social capital in the face of hazards and changing conditions. A resiliency framework provides a holistic frame to develop a vision for a resilient community, identify and prioritize shocks and stresses facing the community, map existing efforts to resilience strategic areas, and identify gaps and opportunities for action to reduce vulnerability. Most importantly a resiliency framework enables communities to rapidly assess and reassess priorities, in order to change course to changing environments.

The Colorado Resiliency Office offers a half day workshop to develop the vision of a resilient community, prioritize shocks and stresses facing the community, and build the outline for the framework and action.

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