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The Colorado Resiliency Playbook is a tool for State agencies to use in institutionalizing resiliency principles and practices into their operations. The playbook is organized into seven modules which provide strategies and tools agencies can use to integrate resiliency principles into their operations and investments.

The playbook is designed to integrate explicit considerations of resiliency into existing government processes and decisions including policies, practices, programs, and budgets. Use of this playbook can help State agencies develop strategies and actions that enhance resiliency and improve successful outcomes for all groups/sectors.

The links below provide access the playbook and its accompanying resources.

  1. Letter from Governor Polis

  2. The Colorado Resiliency Playbook

  3. Playbook Modules Overview

  4. HB 18-1394

  5. Resiliency Champion Description

  6. Case Studies

  7. CDOT Resiliency Policy Directive

  8. Resiliency Prioritization Criteria Expanded

  9. Resiliency Prioritization Criteria Assessment Tool (Word version)

  10. Resiliency Prioritization Criteria Assessment Tool (Excel version)

  11. Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template

  12. Playbook Webinar

For any questions about or help using the Playbook, contact the CRO’s Resiliency Program Manager, Rob Pressly.